Welcome. If you want to be healthier, feel better, or live longer, you’re in the right place. If you said yes to any of those things because you don’t want to admit that you just want to look better naked… you’re definitely in the right place. There’s no guilt or shame here. You want what you want and you have a right to want it - but you don’t deserve it unless you earn it. No guilt. No entitlement.

Your role is to be honest about what you want and to do the work- nobody is going to do your pushups for you. So what’s ours?

What is there to say about health, fitness, and wellness that hasn’t already been said? In an industry wrapped in dogma, guilt, shame and confusing, more information is not the answer. Instead of giving you more to think about, we hope to help you learn what to ignore and what’s relevant to you

Should you subscribe?

It depends.

It depends on what you want and whether or not you think subscribing will increase your ability to get it. If you’re not sure - we understand - it’s a messy, confusing world out there.


They are different things.

And there are different variations of each.

When you walk into a gym, it’s easy to assume that everyone is there for the same reason you are.

They aren’t.

And this is important to understand, because if we don’t know why someone is doing something, we can’t offer suggestions or advice.

For example:

“How often should I work out?”

It depends. If you you’re trying to build muscle, often enough to build muscle. If the gym is a form of catharsis to you, how ever often you need for it to be cathartic. There is no right answer, there is only an answer that is best for you, given your priorities and preferences.

“Is my form correct?”

It depends. If you’re training for a powerlifting competition, you want as much leverage as possible. If you’re training for a sport, you want to train through the range appropriate for that sport. If you’re training as a bodybuilder, you want as little leverage as possible.

Three people can do the same base exercise, look very different doing it and all be doing it correctly…for what they’re training for.

The Adaptive Dilemma can crush you pursuits if you’re not intentional about the language you use and attentive to the language other people use.

People will use “healthy”, “lean”, and “skinny” interchangeably. Since they are very different things, it becomes really difficult to have a productive conversation.

This explains much of the confusion on the internet.

There aren’t as many conflicting ideas in the fitness world as people think there are. It’s just a bunch of people having a bunch of different conversations mistakenly thinking they are having the same conversation.

That sounds a lot like hundreds of different opinions on one topics. It’s actually hundreds of different topics.

The Main Players

The contributor list will grow over time, we’re slow to bring people on because we want to make sure they are actively applying principles we are aligned with. The strategies, tactics and tools will look different for everyone, it’s the principles on which we want to align.

Nic Peterson: Revisiting A Past Life

Nic is the founder of the Guardian Academy. His past life was focused on fitness. You can read a little about that here. *Important: Nic is sharing his experience and his reasoning. He is NOT a fitness or medical professional. Look at the logic, reasoning, and evidence he shares and come to your own conclusions.**

Dan John: One Of The True OG’s

is a Guardian. He is also one of the OG’s in the online fitness world and one of the most respected coaches out there. You can read a full piece on Dan here. We asked John to contribute as a voice of reason and experience. He is also a great writer.

Pre-Req And Self Study Guide

These are the principles that are the most commonly applied to health, wellness and fitness successfully.

  1. BumpersIt’s a short read and it was written largely in the context of biology/fitness.

  2. The Adaptive DilemmaSpecifically, Part 1: Language. Get clear on what you’re trying to ask when seeking help

  3. Frequency Of Exposure: Stepping on the scale every day can do more harm than good if you’re not aware of the consequences of frequency of exposure.

  4. Raising The Floor applied in any ways. Focus on the rolling average of your weight or performance. If you’re on a diet, rising the floor is having fewer bad days and, when you do, make them less bad.

  5. “Enough” is the single most important concept in fitness, in our opinion. Understand it and build from there.

  6. Engage The Field. If you do not engage the field, you will not learn anything. Get your own data, it’s always better than someone else’s theory.

Other smart people we like to follow and collaborate with

**Note: there are a TON of great professional out there. These are just the ones we have spent time with and have worked with over a long period of time. If you’re a Guardian or in the Guardian Academy world and want to get on this list, it’s simple: show up and engage the field.

Live to learn. Give to earn.

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Dan John is a Senior Lecturer at Saint Mary’s University in Twickenham, England. He has been lifting since 1965. He recently was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Great Britain for his contributions in the field of strength and conditioning.
I teach people how to be WHEALTHY - the philosophy that health is your most valuable asset.