Commandment One - Secret Page

Dan and Doc Wagz,

This is a hidden page. Nobody else will see it unless you send them the link. Here’s what I’m thinking…

As you can see I changed the name of the publication to Commandment One, since the first commandment of the Guardian Academy is to take care of your health. It’s also the first commandment of the Marketing publication. If we decide to do this, I’ll slowly shift all of our publications to have the same commandment or rule #1 that pushes back to this one.

Tentative plan:

  1. Send the email you use for Substack. I’ll add you as authors so people go down the rabbit hole of your profile, not mine. I can help you set up your profile so it all funnels to your main thing

  2. Figure out a schedule to contribute. It can be written, audio, video or a combo.

  3. Once there is some traction, I’ll turn paid subs on. 100% of it will go back to advertising this publication. Laurel is in charge of the ads, so she will ask if she can use video of you. No obligation to say yes

The way I see it, it **should** grow both of your audiences in a statistically meaningful way while driving some goodwill to the Guardian Academy. The people that are interested in the principles will find their way over eventually.

We don’t have to turn on paid subscriptions. It will work fine without them - the few bucks coming in from paid subs just allows us to grow faster.

Every now and then we will cross post on other publications. Right now, The Guardian Academy has the largest following and readership. I think it would be cool if Commandment One has the largest following and readership.

The other publications will have similar plans. For example, Laurel is already tricking traffic into the Marketing publication - which points to this one. In theory, everyone wins in a big way.

But it’s just a theory until it happens.

let me know if you have any thoughts

Im open to whatever.